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tool for busy women

Life is pretty busy and can be quite overwhelming!
I have a 9 to 5 job while I also take care of my family here and my aging parents overseas. I also blog here and there.

I have a social life and take classes online on whatever my interests are at any given moment.
Like I said, it's busy!

I hate the feeling of not knowing what to do first during the day. Those endless to-do lists, those late assignments, and appointments, I despise running late!

I love to know what exactly I am going to during the week, the day or even the month; when I am going to it and where.

This mindset requires a great deal of organization, self-discipline, and structure. I cannot rely on motivation only to get up early, to finish my to-do list, and to be productive! I need back up!

These are 5 of my most used everyday tools to stay on track and be productive!

Google Calendar

Tool for busy women # 1

I have tried different e-calendars but Google calendar is by far the best one I have had and I love it!
I hate having multiple lists and calendars on different platforms, it makes me feel scattered and disorganized.  Google calendar is a great place to schedule everything under one system and sync it across all of my devices. I can have different sub-calendars for the different part of my life in one place. I can color coordinate each task, set a reminder, even have an idea of the traffic before I leave the house! It syncs to my emails, automatically update my information, gives smart suggestions, and helps track my goals!

Runner-up: Microsoft Outlook Calendar ( works on Web, Android, Mac, IOS)
Did I mention I LOVE Google calendar?! 😘
tool for busy women


Tool for busy women #2

Another great service from Google! Keep is so much more than a note-taking platform! It allows me as a user to manage lists, audio, and images. It syncs with my Google calendar, set reminders and it's integrated with Google now. It also has a voice recognition, which makes it wonderful to dictate notes to transcribe later. I can color coordinate my notes, organize them by categories, add users to collaborate. I like it way better than Evernote I believe it's more intuitive, more user-friendly.


Tool for busy women #3

Trello is the perfect project management tool for the individual or small team on a budget. It's highly visual, customizable, but not too sophisticated. You can organize your projects by type, chronologically, and priority. It's basic and very user-friendly.

Runner-up: Wrike is a bit more advanced, has more options like charts, advanced reporting, analytics. The big girl stuff!
Smartsheets is for the girl who cannot get enough of Excel because, well it's wonderful!


Tool for busy women #4

Like I mentioned at the beginning I have to take care of my family here in the States, and my aging parents with extended family overseas. I have to have a firm hold on my finances.
Mint helps me create budgets, organize them by categories, priorities, and notify me when I am over the projected amount. It's free, I can link it to my accounts, and register my entries manually.
Runner-up: mvelopes

tool for the busy women

Lose It

Tool for busy women #5

I have been using this app for quite some time now! I love it! It's great to customize a diet plan to lose weight, to manage it, or to just stay on track. I can track my diet, my goals, and exercise in one place for free.
Why do I have a weight management plan?
As a busy a woman I tend to neglect my physical health. I tend to eat poorly when I don't pay attention to it. God knows I need my health to accomplish those billions of tasks waiting on my to-do list!
Runner-up: Fitnesspal has over 5 million food choices in their database to let you enter quick meals!


Tool for busy women, Bonus

 is a great way to learn new skills, expand your knowledge on the go. It's available on the web and as an app on mobile devices. It's very affordable, the first 2 months are free!

5 tools for the busy women, the girboss, or the college student. All free, accessible and easy to use!
Do you have a particular tool you just can't live without? Let me know! Share the wealth!
tool for the busy women

Talk to you soon!


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